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M. J.
by M. J.
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Twice a year I go though my closet and either pitch, donate/re-sale or save items in my closet. It's so much easier to find items that will go with several outfits. Seasons come and Season go so make sure you're up with all the best colors and styles that fit your personality and style.
Ask for hangers when you purchase an item.
First you need to have a plan and I like to have all of my hangers similar but I do incorporate hangers. Either these hangers that came with a blouse or shirt work well or felt hangers that you can buy at your local discount store work well. I do not like the all plastic ones. Clothes sag and slip on them.
Scarf and belt hanger. Discount store
Stackable containers for sandals and shoes.
Label each container
I have nine containers. I get rid of the boxes to save space.
Jackets, color co-ordinate for easy grab and go.
Color co-ordinate for easy match
These are pant hangers from the cleaners. You can use felt ones too. I am in the process of incorporating my hangers to all felt ones for my pants. I'll update later.
Separate color of slacks. Light to darkest or vice versa.
Suggested materials:
  • Store hangers and bought felt hangers. Always take a hanger that your newest blouse, skirt or jacke
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