Organize a Small Closet for Under $50

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How many of you are tired of digging through your messy closet to try to find something to wear? I for one can relate! Since our home was built in the 60's we do not have the luxury of walk-in closets in our bedroom. I finally got fed up and decided I was going to organize my small closet once and for all...and I did it for under $50!
I transformed my closet with matching velvet hangers, dollar store canvas totes, and plastic shower curtain rings!
My closet is a standard double sliding door with one bar all the way across the closet and a shelf above, so I do not have much to work with. All my sweaters were piled on the shelf and would topple over whenever I would pull one from the stack. My hanging clothes were smashed together with a mismatch of random hangers and I had scarves and belts crammed in one corner.
After purging my closet of the items I no longer wore, I organized my hanging clothes by style and color, using the new hangers. I went from sleeves tops to blazers.
Use inexpensive plastic shower curtain rings to hang your scarves on a hanger. Or, if you happen to have these closet hanger extenders like I have from back in the day, they are PERFECT for organizing your scarves. I already had these, so this part was free, but you can find the shower rings at the dollar store and the extenders on Amazon for $7 for 10
I bought 5 of these cubes at the Dollar Tree (so that's only $5!) to organize my sweaters. I just turned them on their side and placed my folded sweaters in them on the shelf. 
Now my closet is so much more organized! I had a lot more clothes than I realized, so as you can see, I need another box of hangers for the rest of my cardigans and jackets.

How do you keep your closet organized? I would love to hear your tips!
Suggested materials:
  • Velvet hangers   (At Home and TJmaxx)
  • Plastic Shower rings   (Dollar Tree)
  • Canvas storage cubes   (Dollar Tree)
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