Glue shower curtain rings for a scarf hanger

Don’t waste precious closet space on all your scarves and ties, hang them on one hanger. Get tutorial here

Make your own pipe clothing rack

This industrial clothing rack is perfect for small spaces and it looks great, too. Get tutorial here

Store bulky items in cardboard boxes

Wrap them in fabric to make them look nice in your closet. Get tutorial here

Double up hangers with soda can tabs

You’ll gain tons of extra closet room with this hack. Get tutorial here

Mount extra hangers with cable straps

Who doesn’t need extra places to hang their clothes? Get tutorial here

Hang jewelry and shoes on framed fabric

Put that wall space to good use with this clever idea. Get tutorial here

Keep your boots tall with pool noodles

Don’t let your boots slump over and your closet will look much more organized. Get tutorial here

Add hooks to a pants hanger for your belts

This is so clever, I can’t believe we never thought of this before. Get tutorial here

Build your own shoe rack

With just a few planks of wood and a drill you can make the perfect area for all of your shoes. Get tutorial here