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Therese C
by Therese C
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I woke up wanting a new tv stand, 2 days later...here it is!
A tv stand I can live with
Step 1: I was given a 6 drawer seen-better-days dresser. It was about 6-8" too tall. Step 2: Get out the trusting tools; tape measure, pencil, screw driver, and circular saw. Step 3: carefully remove top of dresser, Step 4: Measure all the way around evenly. Step 5: My favorite step...fire up that saw and wee-ha!!! Cut that top set of drawers right off there! The rest was really fun. I added short blocks on the inside, to re-attach the top to. Sanded it all..painted it all and applied 2 coats of satin finish poly to seal the paint. Added new knobs, 2 recycled short sets of book shelves, painted, and voila! I am in love!!!! I like fairly simple, so if this isn't your cup of tea, dress it up, fancy it out, be yourself. This one is just perfect for me.
Suggested materials:
  • 1- 6 drawer dresser   (freebie)
  • Left over paint   (from another project)
  • Satin poly   (left over)
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