Bedroom Makeover

Petroschi Bianca
by Petroschi Bianca
I arrived at chapter house painting, for me, a good opportunity to make the improvement, as long as my budget allows, using my full imagination, talent, documentation in time, and all I know to do, trying to get closer of my ideas that I dreamed so much to put them in the application.
So,I begin a series of articles by revealing the working stages of the bedroom rearrangements, thinking to show that it only takes a little courage, especially for veterans of decopatch techniques , to overcome their own limits, and move from decorating small boxes ,to higher planes.From a little box, to the furniture, it's only one step ... and a little more work.
So, moss green, jade green, emerald green, green of any kind, are my chromatic obsessions , besides the whole range of blue , or combinations of the two, leading to turquoise.Without realizing, in time, I bought green objects that arrived chaotically all over my house, organizing all stuff more functionally than chromatically.
Once I prepared the green paint, exactly the shade and tone that my heart dictated, and I whitewashed the wall behind the bed, almost magnetic have been attracted the other elements, intended to easily complete the puzzle.The room starts to come alive.
The first attached element ,was a painting, a work of my mother, which seems, it was painted for this time and place, but a few years before.I put it on the wall, impatient to see how it looks like, and I ran to my mother, to convince her, to give me 2 more paintings that " were so suitable there".Slowly, my heart was filled with satisfaction.
I had two armchairs that stood for many years in the living room, and that matched a lot better with all the changes that were outlined and are connected as a whole under the new design.
Now, you can compare ,how it showed the wardrobe before and after.
I used the stencil and 3D decorative paste.
On the doors I have applied decoupage technique.
My dog ​​was perfectly assorted with the decorative cushions that I sewed.
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  • Carollynda Carollynda on Jul 24, 2022

    I moved into our house about 10 months ago, and the walls in my bedroom are almost the color of your wall. I hated them at first, because I had purchased dark red curtains and bedspread!! But after I put the curtains up, not so much. But I LOVE your bed and wardrobe, even before the beautiful update. You are very artistic. And talented.🐈️🐱

  • CG CG on Aug 05, 2022

    I absolutely love the way your bedroom turned out, it's a very pretty Victorian style look & a comforting feeling to it

    Thank you for posting it :)