Craft room - work area table / counter top

by Angie
I wanted to create a long table/countertop area where I could set up my regular sewing machine and my serger machine so I don't have to move them around. I bought two base cabinets and a base set of drawers and spaced them out so that I would have two seating areas. The base cabinets were stained clear. I then "built" the table/counter top. Taking two 12 x 2 x 10 boards I glued them together. Filled the spaces and holes. Sanded it down. Minwaxed it. Clear coated. And put it on top of the base cabinets creating my two seating areas. Affixed the top to the bases and there we go! By the way, I cut down the top to 9 foot long. This item is heavy. I did it on my own; but it would've been smarter to have help. ;-) I still have to paint the sides of the cabinets but that will happen soon. This project cost about $500 - $550.
I bought two of these 15" wide base cabinets with drawers.
I bought one of these 18" set of base drawers.
Used a clear spray on stain to keep the natural wood color.
Stuff is drying. I will be painting the sides the same colors as my walls; but decided to do that once the project was complete. (i.e. I need to buy more paint). lol
Glued the two 12 inch by 9 foot by 2 inch boards together, clamped and then threw some heavy bags of mulch on them to keep them flat and together overnight.
Set the bases into the room in front of the window. Pardon the books, I had to empty and move my bookshelf from the room.
Another shot of the three bases.
The boards are dry and ready for final preparation.
See the gap? Use wood filler to fill that along with the knot holes and any other defects.
This is how the wood filler looks while it's drying.
Used my little mouse sander to smooth out the boards after the wood filler was dry. I used the paint brush to wipe away the sawdust.
Stained with a mahogany tone of Minwax. This color was really dark so by the time I painted the entire board length; I was able to go back and start wiping it down.
Close up showing the beautiful wood grain.
Another shot of the finished top after applying the clear coats.
Here it is!!! Two seating areas just like I wanted!
So happy.
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  • Bonnie Bonnie on Oct 12, 2013
    Angie, it's an EXCELLENT job!!! You should be very proud, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! This is exactly the same layout I have envisioned for my own craft room; now you've inspired and motivated me to get busy to get it done!! I'm thinking I might try the easy way out and use countertop length that is lighter....although I won't be able to stain it for a customized look....

  • Tony Cox Tony Cox on Jan 11, 2021

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