DIY Bedside Table / Nightstand (Before&After)

by Nizwa
2 Materials
2 Days
I'm not a pro at anything entirely but i love doing diy projects small or big. I have always liked interior and i have my house surrounded by alot of second hand things so i like to change those in different color & ways. Here's one bedside table that i purchased about 2 years ago to match with my bed color which was light wooden/beige but now i am changing all of my bedroom things from Beige to White. White could be a challenging color to keep clean so i went with white & golden for my nightstand table. I loved doing this diy & i hope you all like it .

Check out the video for details.
Thank you icon .
Here's the Before & After picture of the table.
These are the things i actually started with, i didn't even know what i needed. So amateur i know right ? HA HA
So here's the things you will need:
1. Golden Spray (Glossy)
2. White Spray (Glossy)
4. Sand paper
5. Gloves
6. Tape / Foil paper
First of all, I sprayed the golden color into the sidelines of the drawers and in the middle handles

Then, I covered the golden part with tape so that I could paint in white without affecting the gold
Then, I spray painted in white ( make sure to sand first or you'll have to redo)

& this is what i got after 2 days of (NO HARD WORK) icon
So hope you like it, i know i did icon
Suggested materials:
  • Spray paint
  • tape
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