Kitchen Island At The Beach

Ali's Wood Be Rescues
by Ali's Wood Be Rescues
1 Month
My husband and I recently moved to Florida and I have decorated our home mostly with a beach theme. We met this chain saw wood designer who has a farm here in our town and I purchased a solid Oak plank. Not knowing what I was going to do with it... I starter to clean it up and grinding the rough bark.
A few days later I noticed our neighbor throwing away this child's dresser. So I saw an opportunity to introduce myself and ask for the piece.

I sanded it down took the 2 bottom drawers off and used the top of the dresser as my bottom shelf. At this point I had an idea it would be my new rolling kitchen island, but still not sure of how I wanted it to look.
After sanding I white washed stained it with 2 coats.
Added some cast iron sea horses for towel holders on the drawer.

Took a dolly we no longer needed and screwed it to the bottom of the base for easy rolling and a little bit more height.
My husbands' boss gave me this great fishing net so I stapled it to the back of the base. Now I have a vision!!!!
After much sanding I finally got the Oak slab to a smooth finish (long process)
I had from when we lived in NJ this resin mixture I purchased at a garage sale and thought... maybe it would give me the pop I'm looking for. Little did I know how much of a pop this resin gave my little project.

I do have to say ... it is easy to pour and do ... however keeping the bubbles from popping up was a challenge.

Mixed the 2 resin bottles (A & B) in a separate container, equal parts of both... and just poured on top. I waited about 30 minutes or so and with a blow torch slightly waved over the top to pop all those bubbles. Within 24 hrs. the Oak was ready to serve its final purpose. :)
I have to say... I LOVE THE FINAL RESULT!!!
Added some additional final touches off the beach... lined the inside of the drawer...
and VOILA!!! I have myself a one of a kind rolling kitchen island!!!
I took my time with this project since I wasn't sure of how I wanted it to look so overall I have been in my home for a bit over a month now. I paid $40 for the Oak piece, the dresser was free, drawer hardware I got from flea market and paint that I have in my garage.

I have another project in mind... STAY TUNED!!!
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  • Cheryl Gyles Cheryl Gyles on Dec 24, 2015
    This is cute! Was the resin you used called Envirotex? How does is stand up to normal use and is it safe to put food on?

  • Teresa Teresa on Dec 25, 2015
    Beautiful, a genuine treasure! I would love to find a piece of wood that you have for the top, where would I begin to look for something like that?

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