The Stinky Dresser Project

by Janice
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My Husband is always bringing home all sorts of items he finds on the side of the road and in dumpsters, and when he brought home this dresser....well, let's just say I was thinking how to get it in the trash as soon as possible. It was so stinky I was glad to have the chance to leave it outside for a few days, and it even got rained on!!
This is how it looked before...
Stinky dresser, but look at those glass knobs
As I said, it was very stinky so after leaving it outside for about a week, and it getting rained on and still was stinky, I used a lot of Murphy's Oil Soap and washed it 2-3 times.

After It dried for a couple of days, I started removing the veneer from the top of the dresser.

Removing the veneer
After the veneer was removed I was so happy to see the lovely wood under.

After taking the veneer off, I focused on the drawers. Most of them were broken, so I decided to make them into doors. This was going to be tricky because of the brace in the middle of the two lower drawers
I measured carefully and cut the front of the drawers
I sanded the drawer fronts after cutting and got ready to glue them together. This ended up being quite a tricky tricky, I forgot to take a picture of the processicon
The end result
After putting the doors together, I painted, added silverware for door handles, and a vintage towel holder. I had to search for the right size knobs as the dresser only came with 3. I found others on Ebay.
For more details on this cabinet, visit my Blog "Still" Blessed with One Less, ( Thanks for stopping by!!
Suggested materials:
  • Screw driver
  • Saw
  • Paint   (Made myself)
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