The Thomasville Teal Dresser Featuring CeCe Caldwell Paints

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by Airborne Vintage
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Let me start this post off by stating something I am very serious about : I love teal. Every shade, every way - I will always choose teal. So when CeCe Caldwell Paints sent me her Thomasville Teal Natural Chalk & Clay Paint, I knew I was going to be in trouble.
The moment I opened this paint I was impressed... for a few reasons. First, the cans and labels are made of recycled products. The tops are plastic which means they are super easy to open and close multiple times during your project and you won't get rust or rust flakes in your paint like you do with metal cans. Second, there was absolutely no smell. None. These paints are 100% VOC free, non-toxic, free of solvents and I recognize every ingredient on the list. I didn't have to wear a respirator and I could have painted the piece in my house had I wanted to (another thing that is very important to me : organic living!) Third, when you first pop the top it looks like a gorgeous whipped mousse and a good stir to mix all of the natural ingredients turns it into a creamy and smooth paint. I knew exactly the piece I wanted to use it on.
I found this antique dresser on a Buy, Sell, Trade site back in Kansas and loved it so much we moved it to Virginia with us in a Uhaul truck...and I have the matching desk :) The detail on it is unlike anything I had ever seen and I was excited to see what CeCe Caldwell's new product, Bauxite Beige Metallic Wax, would do to these details once they were painted and distressed. (to find out more about how to use Bauxite Beige Metallic Wax, visit our blog!)
I have one word to describe this product and what it achieved : Patina. It creates patina!!You can see in the "After" picture how it added to the age of the piece. I decided I had to use the Bauxite Beige on not only the hardware but to enhance the dings and imperfections I had distressed and in the deep crevices along the sides. It was absolutely brilliant. I imagine this piece in one of those articles showing old Parisian apartments that haven't been entered in 70 years and finding this gem inside, still housing love letters from World War I...maybe even holding onto the smell of Chanel No. 5.
So, it's decided. Meg and I are using as much of CeCe Caldwell Paints as we can get our hands on. It's the most responsive and organic paint line and we cannot stop telling all of our fellow artists & friends about this incredible paint.

Love and whiskey,

Meg & Trish

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