Thrift Store Makeover: Broken to Beautiful Mint Dresser

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Painting furniture for the first time can be a scary thing...but with enough hard work and dedication you can take even broken, old and ugly furniture found at your local thrift store and transform it into something beautiful. Brittany transforms broken into beautiful with this gorgeous and swoon worthy mint dresser. Read these and many other amazing posts by the wonderful Brittany at DIY Just Cuz!
Can you believe the difference between the before and after? Sometimes it's worth a little effort to make something gorgeous.
Step 1: Check out your local thrift stores and find a run-down piece of furniture that needs some love.
Step 2: Gather your materials. Tons of materials are necessary for a painting project if you want it to look professional! Paint brushes and rollers, paint and of course wood filler for any imperfections.
Step 3: Start by disassembling the furniture pieces to paint them individually.
Step 4: Prime! Make sure to think about all the areas you do not want to leave unpainted. You never know who might be looking at the under side of your furniture, and you don't want to get caught with a half painted piece!
Step 5: Pick a gorgeous paint that you absolutely love, it'll make your piece pop and make you happy whenever you see it!
Step 6: Invest in a good rounded roller, it makes the paint come off smooth and beautifully. Do not underestimate the power of having good paint brushes and paint rollers - trust us, you can tell the difference!
Step 7: Paint! Depending on the type of piece you have and the desired look, you may need to go over your piece a couple times.
Step 8: This piece had glass "windows", so to ensure they aren't painted, cover them with painter's tape.
Step 9: Remove the tape and scrape off any paint residue that may have snuck under the tape (don't happens).
Wait for that bad boy to dry, reassemble it and there you have it. You've successfully taken a broken and ugly thrift store piece and transformed it into something you are proud of and looks very professional. Good work!
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