thrifted latex painted vintage dresser gets a new suit

Janet metzger
by Janet metzger
before ASCP...latex paint peeling off the top...I removed the top coat and the drawer front paint. Annie's paint will adhere to old latex, but will not restick old latex that is off it came.
old peeling paint removed..ready for Annie!
Custom ASCP green color mix..some cool stripes and a gorgeous Graphite dresser he just needs some great knobs....
applied the Graphite to look like a piece of gun metal slate stone...with a great double coat of ASCP clear it!
I named my dresser 'Johnny Gets a Striped Suit' and of course Johnny needs a cool shirt underneath....thrifted wallpaper decoupaged inside the drawers.
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  • Donna McCrummen Donna McCrummen on Mar 10, 2012
    You are so out of the box with color - you are an inspiration.

  • Nancy S Nancy S on Jun 14, 2012
    Are these drawers being lined with newspaper.. I think that is a wonderful idea.. especially if it's newspaper done during the era that this piece is getting redid. I can think of one more step.. that is to get some plastic that is sticky and put the newspaper in it.. like peel and stick.. that would give the new owners something to read about one day and another part of an old dresser that goes with the redo of the dresser. I guess sometimes my imagination just runs a little bit too fast.. sorry.. I guess I made an easy job into a Terra..