Anthro Apology Table

Gary Hardman
by Gary Hardman
2 Materials
6 Hours
My neighbor was moving and while she was dragging a table to the trash she thought of me. Funny how that happens. It had suffered much abuse. The top was duct taped to hide the gouge marks.
The first step was to take the tape off, clean it, and sand the gouges out of the top. When I sanded I realized the top was pressed wood. So what to do for a top? I had several oak boards with raw edges. As I placed them on the top I realized this was the answer.
I cut three boards to cover the top, then attached them with 2 inch wood screws from the tables bottom side edges. There was a gaping hole at the top front of the table that I covered with scrap wood. The color I choose for the base was a barn red chalk paint.
I painted the piece, lightly distressed it, and gave it a coat of clear wax. I thought of stainning the wood top darker but instead used three coats of polyurethane which I applied with a foam roller. I love the natural wood color with the raw edge In front.
The finished table is now Anthro worthy and not an apology. It has taken up residence in my family room.
Suggested materials:
  • Rustoleum Barn Red Chalk Paint   (Mennards)
  • Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane   (Mennards)
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