Antique Armoire Makeover

When I rescued this armoire it had a lot of veneer damage, on both the outside and on the faces of the inside drawers. I knew I could repair the exterior damage and paint it up cute but I really didn't want to paint the inner drawers because they were quite clean and only had damage on the facing panels. So I picked up three coordinating fabrics from the fabric store and used Mod Podge to adhere them to the drawer faces. I'm quite pleased with the outcome and the fact that I was able to keep the wood drawers as original as possible.
From the before picture you can see that there was burn marks on the top of the armoire and the hardware was missing. What I failed to capture in my before pictures was the peeling veneer on the sides and the missing veneer on the faces of the interior drawers.
Here is the armoire finished in Annie Sloan Old White, heavily distressed and sealed with clear wax.
And here is what I did on the inside. To give the piece a little extra special touch I used Mod Podge to adhere three different fabrics to the faces of the drawers. {further down in the post I will explain how to do this}
A side view of the updated armoire.
I love to distress my helps me to de-stress! :)
Here are the interior drawers. You can kind of see that I left the inside original because the woodwork was in really nice condition. {the previous owner had spent a lot of time putting nice liners in the drawers so they stood up quite well over the years}
A close up of the drawer faces showing more detail of the coordinating aqua fabrics that I used.
This is my quick tutorial on how to adhere fabric to the faces of drawers.

Tools you will need: Mod Podge (I used Matte), a foam brush, exacto knife(not shown) and scissors. To start, I cut my fabric just a bit larger then the drawer so I had some room for adjustment.
Using my foam brush, I spread the mod podge generously on the surface of the drawer.
Then I placed my fabric on the drawer (making sure that the pattern was straight) and used my hands to firmly press the fabric on the drawer. (you might notice that some of the mod podge soaks through the fabric, don't worry about that because you'll be applying a top coat in a couple steps) Once I had the fabric nice and smooth, I ran my fingers around the edges to kind of score the fabric. Then with a REALLY sharp exacto, I trimmed the extra fabric off. (I used about 5 blades to complete all 3 drawers)
Finally, apply a top coat of mod podge to the fabric, making sure you get the edges covered quite well so that you don't have any lifting. Once the drawers are completely dry you can take your exacto knife around the edges one last time to clean up any rough spots. (if you notice that any of the edges are lifting, you can certainly apply a bit more mod podge to glue them down)
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