Cedar Chest

by Amj31518437
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28 Days
This is a project 30years + in the making. Well it was a promise i made to my niece that i would built her a chest for her graduation but because of my work i never seem to find the time now retired and she reminded me that she graduated in 1985.so i decided i would surprise her
I first started this project with left over materials that i had in the shop to see how far it would take me before i had to go to the hardware store so started by making the legs then started working on the panels for the two ends and the front
Once it was assembled together the hardest part was to get all 4 corners square and free from waballing on its legs some adjustments needed to be done this is where you need an extra helping hands which i had then i started working on the top but first i needed to do the inside
I used 3/4” Birch plywood finished one good side as the inside will be covered with 3/8” arrowmic Cedar i used poplar for the 4 corners and also poplar on face board front and sides the inside of the legs which doesn’t show here is made of Oak also maple or any other hard wood could be used.
I wish i would have taken pictures as I was buildings it step by step,after I finished the inside with cedar i started doing the molding on the side and front to give it some details all the Molding are made of pine i glued the trim and used a pin nailler as well
I first built the top with poplar 10” boards ripped in half then glued together but because the shop was a little too dry not enought humidity it weave and warped so i had to ripe it again a second time this time riped smaller board in width but still warped so i decided to go with MDF so with this procedure all went good but you need to used an expoxy in your paint for a harder finish.And I’m very pleased with the results.
Suggested materials:
  • Poplar/pine/oak/birch/MDF   (Home depot)
  • Poplar board   (Home Depot)
  • Added screws   (Homehardware)
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