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I was asked to make this for a small hotel room to create a lille extra space, but it would work well in any small room.
First I checked to see if the corner of the room was square but being an old building it was not. I used a bevel gauge to determine what the angle was. 
I used the angle I got from the bevel gauge to create a template from cardboard. I could then draw around it on to some wood.

On the table saw I ripped some plywood down to the correct width.
I could then cut the curve out on the bandsaw. I cut out two pieces so there would be a shelf. 
By clamping both bits of wood together in a vice I could sand then to the same curve. 

Back on the table saw I cut some thinner strips of wood to use as the back and the side of the shelf. 
With all the pieces cut i could now put it together. The bottom shelf gets attached to the sides with glue and brad nails. 
The top then goes on in the same way. 
I had left the back and side pieces too long so they needed to be cut and sanded to match the curve.

I wanted to soften the edges so rounded them over using a router. 
I drilled a hole at the back of the unit so a cord for a bed side lamp could be run through it. 

While I had the drill out I marked and drilled some holes in the back so it could be attached to the wall.

The customer wanted a painted finish so it got a coat of undercoat and then two coats of gloss. 
To fix it in place I marked where the holes needed to go then attached it to the wall.
Thats it all done. For more information please watch my YouTube video and subscribe to my channel for a new project every week. 

Suggested materials:
  • Ply wood
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