Custom Wood Headboard with SeaTurtle theme

Sarah Brown
by Sarah Brown
5 Days
I always wanted a statement piece in my room. Locally I could not find any solid wood, beds I liked or could afford. So I decided to build my own headboard, and use a bed frame to complete my bed. My measurements are for a Full size headboard,you will need to adjust based on the size bed you are designing for. Wonderful project for a person who loves to carve wood.

Jigsaw, Palm sander, drill, mallet, chisels, wood clamp

Full Size:

24”x48” Pine Panel
2 - 2” x 4” Pine
8”x 48” Pine for Top curve piece
Scrap wood for Turtle Carving

Hardwood Dowel pins, Wood glue, stain and polyurethane, foam brushes
The design is pretty simple. It evolved from one that used elaborate turned Colonial posts as the sides. Using all materials easily and cheaply available at my local Lowe’s I was able to make this using all, solid wood.
I hand carved a design into the 2x4’s inspired by waves, meant to be free formed and random like the pattern on a zebra. They are attached to the long center piece with Dowel pins placed in matching holes in both pieces of wood and glued. The top arched piece was attached the same way.
The Turtle carving was glued and clamped onto the board before the top arch so that the clamp could reach. It is optional to also drill a couple screws into the back of the headboard to firmly and permanently attach the carving to the headboard.
Once everything is attached and set, sand the entire project, be aware that unsanded patches, especially were you carved the wood will not take the stain as well as the rest of the project. Allow the stain to dry 24 hours before adding at least two coats of polyurethane and go by recommended directions for drying times, based on climate, and wither you used regular or water based Polyurethane. More coats means a stronger finish and more resistance to scratches and soiling from the body.
Finished headboard in place.
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