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Welcome! This was a fairly simple DIY project, assuming you have a Kreg Jig and a drill. You also need to know how to use a Kreg Jig and a drill, or have someone who knows how to use a Kreg Jig and a drill and also happens to love you.
You also need scissors. And a schtapler. And duct tape. Wait a minute. Nope, no duct tape for this one. Oh! And an iron! I'll shut up now.
I'm totally crushing on the shorts/underwear combo on the floor. I know you are too. But hey, that's how the room used to look.
By the way, my tutorial skills are downright enviable. In fact, I would say they are on even par with Eddie's ability to keep his beard clean.

Allow me to illustrate:
Now that you have zero expectations, we can continue.

You saw above how the room looked before. Here's how it begins.

Step One: Purchase curtain panels from Tuesday Morning. Hey! Maybe I don't suck at tutorials after all!

Break out your crappy pink iron and eradicate the wrinkles. Don't try this on your stretch marks. It hurts like youknowwhat.

And cut off the grommets.
Purchase a big ole sheet of MDF and cut it to whatever size you want. Then buy a cheap mattress pad, cut it in half, and trim it to size.
Wrap the whole dang mess with some quilt batting and schtaple it down.

Then wrap your curtain around the whole dang mess and schtaple it down.

Be sure and measure your materials so very closely that by the time you get to the curtain part, you can barely get the fabric up and around in order to schtaple it down. That really helps. And doesn't cause schwearing or schweating at all.
Now "let's" build the frame. Ha. Like I've ever built anything. Well, I did grow two humans in me in less than two years. Thus, the stretch marks.

But Phil...well, HE built the frame! Remember the Pot Farm? Of course you do. It's the coolest thing we've ever done on the blog. We followed a very similar process.

Our neighbor gave us a giant pile of rough-sawn cedar. Free. I highly recommend acquiring your supplies this way. You'll most likely have to find your own benefactor though.
Or you could find a restaurant or business that has wood planks on its walls and surreptitiously abscond with your soon-to-be headboard frame.

Better yet, have someone else do the surreptitious absconding. Less risk for you.

Whew. Thank goodness the hard part of the tutorial is over. Flip your project over and leave it on the floor!
Here's the naked, headboard-free wall. Bed. Wall. Whatever. Bearing a helpful little schnauzer.
We used these to attach the headboard to the wall:
And just like magic...
And one more look...
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  • Lisa Fauerbach Lisa Fauerbach on Jan 07, 2021

    Headboard is beautiful! Love reading your posts!!😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Mary Palmer Mary Palmer on Jan 08, 2021

    Love this headboard! Exactly what I’d like to do. Can you please tell me how the frame is attached to the upholstered mdf??

  • Dur50325941 Dur50325941 on Jan 17, 2022

    why did you attach it to the wall instead of the bed frame? I have been waiting a headboard for my guest room for 3 years but I can not find out how to attach it to the bed frame.

    thank you

    cathy durak

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  • Shirley Barnett Shirley Barnett on Jan 19, 2022

    Love this project but your storytelling even more. I'd love to try this as I don't have a headboard now but it will be a bigger project for me as I have a Queen size bed. Thanks for sharing and giving us some laughs for the day.

  • Holly O. Holly O. on Apr 03, 2023

    Love the headboard and your post is hilarious!!! The pup is a cutie!! Thanks for a good laugh in this crazy world we live in....