Do I Know What I Am Doing? Absolutely Not But I Am Going Try Any Ways

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A lovely lady and friend of mine had no use for a head board and offered it to me. Well how could I refuse an offer like that? But what could I possibly do with a newer but old style headboard. I decided let’s try and upholster it. I wish I had thought to take more pictures throughout the process but I didn’t and now hang my head in shame.
I went down to a local discount fabric warehouse and found a really nice fabric, high density foam and cotton fill. I really had no idea what I was doing but when I decide I want to do something especially in the creative sense I figure it out. I did get some advice from the staff at the store in the way of foam and covering but that was about it. I then went to their regular store and purchased decorative nails.
I painted the headboard in light cream melamine paint; wet sanded to help remove brush marks and then applied a few coats of semi-gloss polyurethane. I didn’t paint where the upholstery was going. Once it was nice and dry I taped together several pieces of tissue paper so they were just slightly bigger than the headboard area that I was upholstering. I traced out the area and then cut it out with a pair of scissors. I now had a template to use to cut my foam and material which I then cut out. Since the material had a pattern I laid it out on the headboard to figure out where I wanted the pattern to sit. With the big bold diamond pattern I needed to make sure it was centred properly vertically and horizontally or it would look very odd. I then used the template to cut out the piece needed.
I won’t go into all the detail as to how I managed to get the material onto the headboard as it was extremely awkward and I know now that I did it probably the most difficult way possible. I certainly don’t want to give you instructions on how to get frustrated. Let’s put this one up to a learning lesson and say the next one will be easier. There is another lesson here and it isn’t how to upholster. I did staple the material and I used the decorative nails around the edge of the material. I am sure I bent about a third of the nails and had to toss them away. I discovered press board is very hard.
So I completed the headboard and it was shipped down to the US to reside in a girl’s bedroom. It was a difficult job and even the trip to its new owner was not a smooth one as it was shipped just a couple days before Hurricane Sandy arrived along the eastern sea board so there was a very long delay for it to reach its new home which thank goodness was not damaged in the storm and the family was fine.
I said above there is another lesson here and it is about being persistent, using that big muscle in your skull and figuring things out whether it is the best and easiest way or not. I did it, and it was a new creative adventure for me and if you want to do something then by all means give it a whirl!!! Have fun and be creative.
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