Do You Still Have Your This End Up Furniture From the 80's?

by ScavengerChic
...Well it's time for a makeover.
Back in the 80's This End Up furniture was everywhere. They had stores in 250 malls and every kid had a bunk bed...mine included. The furniture was incredibly durable and could take years of abuse. While the company went bankrupt in 2000 you can still buy furniture directly from the North Carolina based company.
This was the original This End Up Ladder end Loft Bed. The company actually sold 2 types of bunk beds..this one, in which you used the end of the bed as a ladder and a solid end Loft Bed in which you had to purchase a separate ladder. The reason I know this is because our house had both kinds.
When the local This End Up store went out of business son #2 got his own bunk bed. It started out wood colored like the picture above but it wasn't long before we painted it white to match his room.

The bunk beds have long ago been separated and are used as two twin beds in our guest room. To me, they still looked quite a bit like the original, This End Up bed which I am so over. Time for a makeover.
First step was to fill in all the spaces with wood. What better wood than what's outside my door - pallet wood. The pallet wood was so close to being perfect...each piece was about 1/4 inch too wide. So after a bunch of trimming and sanding all of the spaces were filled. Right now the wood is just sitting there, it's not attached in any way.
The current headboard needed to be beefed up a bit, it currently was only as tall as one propped pillow.

One, 16 was cut the width of the bed and I needed one more pallet piece. Since pallet pieces are not quite as wide as a twin bed, this pallet piece was cut to fit on the inside like the filler pieces in the previous step.

The ends were cut from a 14 as tall as one pallet piece plus the 16.
To see what the heck I'm making, this is the extension perched on top of the existing headboard.
On the inside and outside of the headboard and footboard, at the top and bottom, attached a 12 piece of wood with a nail gun and finishing nails.

The 12's were followed by more pallet wood centered on the headboard and footboard. Again, this is nailed into place. This vertical piece is finally holding the horizontal pieces of pallet wood in place.
The vertical pallet wood piece is repeated on the back of both the footboard and headboard. There is one other difference, the backs get 2 more pieces of 12 pine on the sides, this will hold the ends of the pallets in place. All of these vertical pieces also serve to hold the headboard extension in place.

The headboard extension is also held in place by 2 kreg jig screws on each side on the back of the headboard.
14 pine was cut 2 inches longer than the width of the bed. The corners were cut off then sanded smooth.
These 14's were nailed onto the tops of the headboard and footboard.

All holes were filled with wood putty, gaps were filled with caulk and rough edges were sanded smooth.
I love it, they no longer resemble their This End Up roots.

To see more of the finished room, any steps I may have missed and why the heck I was anxious to get rid of this set of bunk beds I would love for you to stop by for a visit.

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