Rare 6 Panel 100yr Old Vintage Door Converted Into King Size Headboard

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Recently we were asked to build a king size headboard using one of our 100+ year old vintage doors. Being a handy person our Customer asked that we construct their headboard to be 64" tall and apply a base color like a Chocolate Brown with a Satin finish.
The first step was to equally trim each end of the door so that it will be visually symmetrical.
Next we applied the sides, legs and crown molding shelf. As you will see we hit the 64" mark on the spot.
The next steps involved filling the holes where the original hardware was attached. Some Customers have us fill them and others like the face plates attached and sealed.
More filling and sanding to prep the surface.
The Chocolate Brown paint was then applied.
The final cote was just added - not quite dry just yet. The Customer is going to add a top layer themselves to match existing furniture in their bedroom. I will post the pics they submit to us when they are done. Thank you for allowing us to share our project. You can see more of our work on www.vintageheadboards.net and www.vintageheadboards.storenvy.com
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