Dumpster Dive Headboard Transformed Into Princess Baby Doll Bed

Sherry Valentine
by Sherry Valentine
I found this headboard lying up against the dumpster outside of my office last year. I didn't know then what I would do with it, but I knew I would eventually use it to make something really cool for a little GrandAngel someday. -- After seeing her face light up this Christmas, I sure am glad I did! :)
Pretty in Pink Princess Baby Doll Bed
This is how I did it....and honestly, the "one long evening" was more like a couple of hours, here and there, in between many other "Grammy getting ready for Christmas" chores! But overall, I'd say it could have been done, start to finish in two evenings.
A little imagination and a lot of bling brought big smiles for us both!
I covered some foam from an old chair cushion to make the baby bed mattress. I choose a "girly pretty" fabric and used elastic to make the bed skirt, lace to cover the frame and ribbons to dress it up. Total spent on finished product was $22 :)
So that all the Negative Nellies out there can see that clearly, this is the SAME headboard and I did CUT and RECONSTRUCT this headboard. - Thank you
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