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Julie from Salvage Sisters & Co. gave this elegant armoire a beautiful pop of color with our limited edition colors, Hollow Hill and Nightfall accented with Pocket Watch metallic cream. How stunning is this?!
Happy Holidays everyone! Well as you may know, I get really excited, I mean REALLY EXCITED about furniture and especially unique craigslist finds like this piece. I jumped in the truck with the Salvage Mister and almost forgot to bring money! If this elegant armoire could just share all of it’s stories i know they would be incredible… what did it hold in it’s little box on top? Was it china? Hats? Silver? Hmmm I guess we’ll just have to bring new life to it!
First I did a coat of Hollow Hill from Country Chic Paints Fall/Winter line. This color is so stunning it has a richness to it and just the right amount of depth, it’s really captivating.
Next I decided to do a little bit of dry brushing to show off all of it’s intricate details and beautiful carvings. I decide to highlight using both Nightfall and the Metallic Cream in Pocket Watch. To dry brush I just barely dip the brush bristles into the paint and then blot it off onto a cloth or paper towel then I dust over the areas that I want to highlight. I started first with Nightfall and then Pocket Watch. Your brush should be barely wet, if you get too much paint it will not give you the same effect. Less is better with this technique.
This elegant armoire has many more stories to live and I hope it inspires you to explore with different techniques and to create your own story!
Suggested materials:
  • All-in-One Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Metallic Cream   (Country Chic Paint)
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