End Table Thrift Store Makeover With Stencils

Maura White
by Maura White
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Here is a cute end table thrift store makeover that I just finished to add to my collection of guest room makeover projects.

I discovered Oil Bond after I decided to re-paint my bathroom vanity and decided to use it before I re-painted this end table to match the desk and rug in my guest room. I decided to use Oil Bond on this project and it turned out perfect for my guest room!

Materials needed for you to do your own end table thrift store makeover:

  • An end table that needs making over with a coat of paint
  • Oil Bond
  • Rustoleum Antique White spray paint
  • Unicorn Spit - I used Navajo Jewel
  • Stencil Brush
  • Stencil - I used this evergreen trees stencil from Stencil Revolution
  • painters tape or washi tape
  • Clear coat varnish

If you are looking to repaint over a stained and varnished piece of furniture, then I have to recommend using Oil Bond. This helps the paint stick so you DON'T NEED TO SAND!!

I recommend using this in a well ventilated area. You just simple pour a little bit on the wood and wipe it on with paper towels. You'll want to wipe down any area you plan on painting - include the table top and all around each table leg. Depending on the type of table you are doing, it may be easier to turn the table upside down first, rub down the legs with Oil Bond, and then flip it back over and rub down the top.

Let that dry for a few hours and add your first coat of white spray paint. When using spray paint, it is always better to do numerous thin coat rather than try and paint it on in one thick coat. Spray paint easily drips, so its better to spray evenly and thinly, multiple times.

If you want a little bit of distressed look, then you can rub the edges with a bit of sand paper. My table didn't have enough contrast of color for it to show up well in pictures.

Then if you want to add a stencil design to the top of your table, tape it down with painters tape or not very sticky washi tape.

Grab your Unicorn Spit, which is an awesome non-toxic wood stain that smells amazing! Pour some on a paper plate and dab it with the stencil brush.

Then dab on the unicorn spit and dab that on the stencil. Let it fully dry for a few hours before removing the stencil.

When you take off the stencil, you may notice that a bit of the stain bled under the stencil. If that is the case, you can get some Q-tips and water and gently remove any unicorn spit that bled. Unicorn spit is water based and does easily wash off when it is on a painted surface like that.

Also since the Unicorn Spit does wash off a painted surface, you'll need to cover your design with a clear coat of varnish.

Let the clear coat dry for 24 hours.

I love how the color of the Unicorn Spit stain I chose matches the color of the rug and curtains!

This table would look great stand alone without holding anything. But I also experimented with placing this no sew rope bowl filled with some essential oil scented pine cones! The pinecones look cute with the evergreen tree stencil design and they help the room smell amazing!

Suggested materials:
  • An end table that needs making over with a coat of paint   (thrift store)
  • Oil Bond   (https://amzn.to/2qJgL6o)
  • Rustoleum Antique White spray paint   (https://amzn.to/2K4d5oI)
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