Endtables - Different Looks With Oh so Slightly Different Techniques

by Jasmin
I would say that this was fun, however, it was not hahaha! I made so many mistakes along the way, but in the end it was a learning process for sure! I threw in a few more tables that I did similar designs on just to show the varying looks one side table can achieve just by changing the colours and process of application. Read the image details to learn my embarrassing and huge mistake haha! If you are curious about image transferring - I insist you go visit the Graphics Fairy and her blog :) There are many many many techniques for various mediums!
Photo transfer
Painted top
The before photo
Mid process deciding to do white with black trim or all black with rub off for aging.
The big mistake! After painting for hours, I stood back to enjoy & realized .... wow - I painted it on backwards!! I stripped it down back to raw wood, & started the image transfer instead. Did it again! ARGH! See next photo......
After the image transfer, and doing it backwards AGAIN!!!! My better half - and I will say better for this lol .... said, dear, lets just take the table top off and flip it ok? WHAT? It comes OFF!? My head was not in the game that week
The top. Aged to appear very vintage. this image came from a print I found in a trunk at an estate sale. Never could decide what to do with it.... Lucky moi!
Two other tables. I went grey tones and chose to chip the Eiffel tower out of the paint for the design on these two.
Painted hardware to add some bright pop
Close up of the tower chip out with some added colour sunk back in.
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