Fabulous Ways to Repourpouse Old Doors

Margaret Swanton
by Margaret Swanton
Thereis something about old doors that makes me think about my childhoodand my grandparents. Every time I see an old wooden door in badcondition, I get nostalgic. Therefore, I have been wondering how canwe repurpouse them and breathe new life into them. After all, if youcan easily revamp an old ladder and make it the centrepiece of theroom, there is no reason not to do the same with other householditems....
Whetheryou want to replace yourolddoors withnew ones or you simply need an intricate home accessory, you shouldconsider some DIY projects which include doors. Interestingly enough,you can do amazing things with your average, shabby old door.
Whatdo you need to construct a table? A flat sturdy surface for the bodyand legs to hold its weight. While I was looking for inspiration, Idiscovered that there is more than one way to make a table out of adoor. You can actually make a wonderful setting with a door and someropes. The lovely rustic idea from Green Wedding Shoes dazzles withits simplicity and charm. The door is suspended from some hefty treebranches and makes for a perfect picnic table.
Naturally,the traditional tabledesign is also a great alternative. Plus, it is a DIY project thatdoesn't require great handyman skills. The suggestion fromDesignsopnge.com is a contemporary solution for your living or diningroom.
Eventhough this isn't actually a design most of us would considerfeaturing in our homes, I was simply tempted to include it in thearticle due to its originality. An entire wall 'upholstered' with olddoors in various sizes and shapes. Theincredible design belongs to the architect Tomas Mayer.
Oneof my favourite ideas is to repurpouse doors as headboards. Anintricate bed decoration can spruce up your sleeping area. It couldadd a new focal point and changethe atmosphere in the entire space. I love the mystic vintageheadboard gate from Besthomeideas.com.au. However, I can't deny thatit looks a bit too dark for my taste. Therefore, I also have thefabulous suggestion from Architecturedesigns.com with thefairy-themed décor.
Anotherintricate suggestion form Architecturedesigns.com is to use old doorsas organisers. Personally, I would never have thought about it butthey would fit perfectly in shabby chick-decorated bathroom.
Disfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.ukoffers a dazzling vintage decoupage on anold door. Not only does it look extremely cute but it can be a lot offun to assemble it.
Iwanted to thank my friends at Paul's Cleaning Melbourne ( http://paulscleaningmelbourne.com.au ) for the ideas and suggestions they made for this article.
Hanging table. A fantasy from the blog Green Wedding Shoes
Perfect outdoor table for your big backyard. It is easy to disassemble and put away during the cold months, too!
Yet another table made from an old door. An easy DIY project for enthusiasts.
Tomas Mayer presents his version of Alice in Wonderland home décor with the wall covered in doors.
Very Gothic headboard design from BestHomeIdeas.com.au. If you have an entire gate, you could find a perfect place for it in your bedroom ;)
A fairy-tale headboard design with doors used as headboards. By Architecturedesigns.com
A decoupaged door used as a focal point in a room. If you love crafts, this is the right project for you! From Disfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.co.uk
Bathroom organiser made from an old door
Shabby chick décor with an old white door as a focal point
Margaret Swanton
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