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This post comes to you as kind of a final footnote or part II to my " How to Build a Queen Japanese Style Platform Storage Bed" post. Part III Headboard still to come.

As I've been going along enjoying and living my life in and around my dream bed I've come to a realization that the improvement ideas that continue to pop into my head may 'never' end. Although I don't normally like to say the word never I do want to kind of create a holding tank of sorts for the new ideas and hacks that may continue to pop up. For example there are plans to add more storage for sheets and or/winter clothing (Yes, even in FL) under the bed or expanding it into a king size bed with wings and bigger end tables when the need (and space) grows. The ideas go on and on... First we'll start with the How To space saving dog house (shown below - which has been moved to this post) then move on to the under bed storage hack and more.
The real "Zoe's Hideaway"
The top of the Queen platform bed is exactly 15" above the floor. Making it extremely easy for a child or adult to crawl underneath or our small ChiYorkie, Zoe, to walk right in without crouching down. So I decided to regain some space in my room by removing an odd shaped soft crate and creating some space for our dog Zoe under the bed. This also gave her a much cooler place to chillax and be by herself (especially when she's sulking because she didn't get her way).  
"Can I have some privacy please?"
Next I just placed the 2x4s on the floor side by side until the whole space was filled. I didn't and still don't feel comfortable with screwing them to the floor or to each other. So they are just free floating lumber, but you really can't tell once it's all down. I won't give the measurements because the space you end up with will be completely determined by your existing bed space or the cabinets you purchase to create your platform bed.
"So Peaceful and Comfy."
With the old foam mattress in place it's much cooler underneath. As you can see I also removed the middle metal bar and it became even more spacious. My daughter also thinks it's plenty of room for a clubhouse or chill spot.
Also Needs a Good Cleaning. Yeesh!
Now for the HACK I have one more " x " storage cabinet left around the house. X meaning these cabinets were purchased almost 10 years ago and I really don't remember where I got them from. Only that it was online, affordable and made to be as strong as real wood. So although the cabinet which measures just under 15" is currently still being held hostage in my daughter's room, the plan is to replace it with one that will work better for her space and move this under my bed. Once in place I will quickly and easily be able to use the available space for my extra bedding or clothing that needs to be stored.
Boxed Up and Ready to Roll!
Then, here comes the Roll! Time to put on the new mattress. In choosing a mattress I found others stating their mattresses would need almost the whole day to fluff out completely. Others complained of strong new mattress smells. Whereas the Sealy company stated Cocoon would fully open in  only a minute, no smell issues, certified environmental safe and has a Chill addition to keep the foam nice and cool. 
My new Happy Place!
Spot On!
The instructions really were easy. It opened quickly and there really is no smell.
The new mattress definitely raises the total height of the bed to 15", however, the mattress is so comfortable and cool, you really don't have time to care. It even remains cool with sheets on...yet a padded mattress pad tends to negate it. Need to try with a regular mattress pad.   Ok, that's it for now. For more information on the Sealy Cocoon foam mattress you can check out the link above. See you soon, ~ Kai
Suggested materials:
  • 2x4's cut to your desired need   (Leftovers from Lowes lumber)
  • Cabinet under 15 " height   (From around the house, purchased online over 10 years ago)
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