How To Strip Paint From Old Wood Furniture

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Want to bring back the natural beauty of old painted furniture. Here is a tutorial on how to strip paint from old wood furniture.

How To Strip Paint From Old Furniture.

For years I have been painting old wood furniture. Its hard to believe That I am reverting back to keeping my old furniture the natural stained color. Don’t get me wrong I still have painted furniture pieces around the house. I have changed up my decorating ideas bit and adding more dark stained furniture pieces to the mix. If you ever been to the Caribbean islands, the decor their is a mixture of darker furnitures pieces mixed with white fabric and bright colored painted houses.

Materials Needed:

Stripper: I used CitrusStrip which is amazing paint remover with a citrus scent. It contains no methylene chloride and ideal for indoor use.

Paint stripper brush: A wire brush for removing rust and flaking, peeling paint.

Paint Scraper: The 3-inch heavy-duty blade can quickly and easily, scraping old paint. Get the metal not plastic.

Painting and staining rags: I love this method of using rags and not brushers for staining.

Sponge Sander: These are my favorite multi-surface sanding sponge fine/medium, coarse. After use, these sponges can be rinsed and reused for the next project. The flexible of this sanding sponge makes it perfect for sanding around curved legs of the table.

Stain: I love Minwax Wood Finish. Its a oil-based wood stain, which provides beautiful rich color that enhances the natural wood grain. Its really fast driving.

Polyurethane Clear Satin: This dries fast which is what I love, I also used a rag to apply.

How To Strip Paint From Old Wood Furniture.

Get everything organized before you start stripping the paint. Cover your floors, wear gloves and clean off any dust on the furniture.

With a painting brush apply the CitrusStrip onto the furniture. Start with sections at a time. I started with the top of the table. Read the directions to find out how long you keep the stripper on.

Tip: Stay as organized and clean for this part. When stripping the paint off use paper towels to clean the paint gook.

When you have taken off all the paint off. I used a cleaner called GOO gone, I liked this one because it removed any paint residue. For the curved legs I used the metal brush to remove the the paint gook. That was the hardest section.

This is the part you can celebrate and jump for joy, that you are done stripping the paint. It’s not easy taking off all the paint in the nooks and crannies. Take the sponge sander and sand you heart away until everything feels smooth.

Flip your furniture over and start staining there first. With your rags, dip them into stain and start rubbing the rag into the wood. The wood will absorb the stain very fast.

OMG it looks so beautiful. I really was so happy for this old furniture piece. I felt real joy bringing this back to its natural color of walnut. I cleaned and used the same old original knobs.

After you have finished the staining part, let it dry over night. Apply the Polyurethane Clear Satin with a rag. Make sure you rub it in well and no drips anywhere. Should dry quickly.

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Suggested materials:
  • Paint removal   (homedepot)
  • Stain   (Ace Hardware)
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  • Lil Bling Lil Bling on May 04, 2021

    Why did this project cost $300 ?

  • Clancy Phythian Clancy Phythian on May 30, 2021

    Love that you restored it instead of painting it! One question out to everyone, tho’ I have never seen a project where someone used one of the colored stains available. It seems that would be a good choice to add color but still see the wood grain. Experience, anyone?

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  • Franb Franb on May 11, 2021

    Goo Gone is some pretty awesome stuff! I love using it! You did a great job, by the way!

  • Lillyrose Lillyrose on May 27, 2021

    Thank you for doing this to a beautiful piece. I love old wood, I also love some painted furniture, but when it is in good shape without any deep gouges or worse it is better to leave it natural. I know most do not love all dark brown furniture in their home, but with some upholstered pieces the brown does not overshadow. Looks great.