King or Queen Size Vintage Door Headboard With 15" Riser Added

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We had a local Customer recently visit us looking for a vintage 5 panel door headboard to fit a king size bed. After talking with him I found out that he and his wife had a queen and would be getting a king size bed very soon. I suggested that we modify the bottom to accommodate both a king and a queen.
He had seen some of our taller headboards and asked if we could modify the completed design making it as tall as the other headboard he had seen in our shop. What this meant was adding a 15" riser to the bottom of the headboard. They wanted to be able to see the entire vintage door after pillows were leaned up against it.
Below are pics of the process.
Complete 5 panel vintage door headboard with 15" riser.
Original headboard before sanding and sealing.
Completed king size vintage 5 panel door headboard before riser and new legs were added.
Different angle of completed headboard
Different angle of completed headboard
Final pic submitted by our Customer.
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