Kitchen Drawer Remake

B'Ahava Designs
by B'Ahava Designs
I have recycled shelves and drawers from a kitchen remodel.
My sister is doing a gut remodel of her kitchen. I didn't want to see all the wood from her cabinets end up in the dumpster. I was able to get some cabinet doors, shelves, and slide out drawers.
I started by taking off the metal rollers on the sides, then I sanded down the entire piece. I attached a dowel as a rod to hang items. I also wanted a shelf so I chose two small, matching blocks of wood from my scrap pile, and glued one on each side. To make a shelf, I cut down a lid from a wine crate, which I regularly get for free from my favorite liquor store. I painted the piece a light blue. Whenever I go to a store which sells paint, I look for the reduced price or "oops" paint so I always have a stash of paint. I chose a light blue for this piece. I had a decorative piece of wood and painted it & the shelf a complementary bright blue for a pop of color.
Here is my finished project. I love the way it turned out.
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