Let It Snow.....Man From Drawers.

Gary Hardman
by Gary Hardman
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Never too early to start the holiday season with a boxy frosty. As I try to clean out garage I have all these left over drawers. I start stacking them and think why not.
The first step was to stack and connect drawers from inside with screws. The top hat was next cutting two 2x4's to fit the top drawer to make the hat and again connect them with screws. I filled in any cracks on the front of snow man and then painted everything white. For the white I brushed on a high gloss paint. I then painted the hat a gloss black.
The face had the most detail. For the eyes and mouth I had glass pieces that I super glued to the face. The nose was a 1x1 piece of wood that I cut, painted black and applied with super glue. The pipe was a pencil and a round block I pilfered from my grandsons toys. I drilled a hole in the block at an angle, cut the pencil to length, spray painted it orange, drilled a hole and glued it in.

Materials used-

Three drawers

Glass eyes and mouth

2x4 pieces for hat

1x1 piece for nose

Round block


White and black gloss paint

And add a scarf because it gets cold out there.

This was a relatively easy project (6 hours) if you have all materials in hand. You can substitute just about anything for details i.e. Buttons for eyes.

Have fun crafting.
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