New Life For Vintage Industrial Age Tool Chest

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Another wonderful auction find! I love these vintage industrial pieces. This tool chest is perfect for all the various home improvement items that can't seem to find a home in our workshop. It certainly helped to clear the counter tops. My husband makes it a habit to mount all his cabinets, grinders and such to casters for ease of movement and cleanup.
We found this at an auction. It was filled with countless nuts, bolts and miscellaneous parts. It was quite heavy!
There were three of us bidding on this cabinet. After having the winning bid, we realized the other two were only interested in the contents. In particular, a 1960’s Ford Mustang emblem and bars of lead. We sold both items to them.
Each drawer had to be removed in order to straighten any bends or dents in the metal. The next step was to sand, prime and paint the tool chest. I printed individual labels for each drawer and laminated them. We used a wooden furniture dolly with four swivel casters as the base. Next we attached a piece of MDF board to the furniture dolly to provide a firm base to fasten the cabinet to.
I love the red color! It matches perfectly to my husbands other tool boxes.
Suggested materials:
  • Krylon Dual Paint & Primer   (Hardware Store)
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