New Year Craft Room Organizing

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So many supplies and so little space was my dilemma, luckily I found a solution to make crafting easier and tidier.
Everyone has these drawer totes I'm sure, myself I have a lot! They are useful but they were taking up too much floor space so I took them apart to refit them into taller, singular units.
All of the drawers were removed then I flipped 3 of the 6 units I had and removed the wheels and popped out the inserts with a flat screwdriver.
I reassembled the units to form 3 equal height towers,they just snap together as long as they are all the same style and brand name. *There was enough left over to form a small 3 drawer unit.
They were still unsightly so I wanted to label them and yet have the contents concealed. Going through my scrapbooking supplies I came up with a labelling idea!
I cut the brown cardstock to fit the drawer fronts, then in the center of each I glued the paper doilies on with a glue stick. I had a variety package of doilies that came with an assortment of sizes and patterns.
Lastly, I wrote on the center of the doilies what each drawer would contain.
Now instead of 6 odd sized stacks of drawers all over the place I have 3 equal height towers all labelled and looking a lot better!
The supervisor gave his nod of approval too because now he has more floor space to play on!
Suggested materials:
  • Storage Drawer Towers   (Canadian Tire)
  • Scrapbooking Supplies   (Dollar Store)
  • Gluestick   (Walmart)
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