Dear Pinterest, A Crib Frame Makeover

Oh Pinterest, how I love you. With the click of a mouse I have millions of other's creativity at my fingertips. Ideas that never crossed my mind. Some ideas that have, but I'm clueless on how to execute. I love scouring my feed for solutions to my decorating nightmares, inspiration when my mind is stagnant and pinning away projects I'll never actually do but pretend in my mind I will. You are an overflowing wealth of knowledge and beauty. Seriously.
There is only one problem.

Sometimes, when I lean on you, cling to you and pilfer through your idea imagination stops working. When you so graciously spoon feed me how-to's and what to do's, I stop thinking about my own ideas. I get all caught up in trying to make my house and stuff look like someone else's. I want to abandon my natural style and way of thinking for those of total strangers. Sometimes, you even make me feel bad about myself. My food isn't as pretty, my living room as stylish or my wardrobe as trendy as all the lovelies that grace my pin roll.

It's ok - I understand, you only want the best for me. I get it, you never meant harm. The blame rest partially on my shoulders. Constantly, I have to remind myself that all the gorgeousness represents people's best works and inspiration. Sometimes it's their life's work!
So I've decided we need to shake up our relationship a bit. I don't want to break up, cause really it's about me not you. Breaking up would be horrific. I'm just suggesting changing things up. I need a little alone time. So now, when I have a new project in mind or some marvelous piece of junk lands in my lap, I am going to think about it all by myself first. Next I will come up with my own idea, from my own imaginative brain, execute said project, post it to Pinterest, THEN look and see what others have done! I'm sure I will find similar versions of my project floating around out there, and that's OK. But my brain needs to be used, have a little pep talk and get it's creative juices flowing. I hope you'll understand. Let's see how it goes for a while and maybe soon we can have another DTR talk. I just needed to let you know I love, but I love my imagination more.

Much Love,

I hope you'll head over to the blog for extra pictures and an additional inspirational note.
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