Rocker Re-do

by Sonja
3 Materials
1 Day

I found this in the rain looking sad and really needing help. To the rescue! Super hero style! Where did I put my cape??👀

Looks better hey??

Before and after pictures- wala!! OK- so I couldn’t get the pictures in order. I don’t know if it was because it’s on my phone and it’s too small to navigate? However, bear with me when I get to my laptop I’ll try and rearrange them so they make sense. In the meantime, this is kind of what you have to deal with. 🥴

Bunny suit cover!

This might seem weird, but the microfiber bunny suit from the OR at the hospital where I work was perfect for covering the insulation pads for the seat.

After cleaning with 4 magic erasers

Wowzer! This was dirty! Scrubbed- with magic erasers and disinfectant first! Then much to my husband’s despair, I brought it inside the house to work on it. 😳

Ok the seat?! A mess!

After taking out (seems like) 100 little nails, I was able to take the dilapidated leather seat cushion off. Then came burlap and under the burlap was straw I had never seen straw so old that it turned to powder. But it was 90% powder. Should I have done this in the house? I don’t know, maybe I should’ve rethought that!

New padding

So I had some insulation padding that was around some seafood that we received as a gift. After spraying disinfectant on it I covered it with a micro filter bunny suit. I work at a hospital and these are disposable from the OR. So-waste not what not. I figured if there was any thing left in the seafood insulation it would be impossible for it to get out through the micro suit. 🙃

Gotta fix the infrastructure!

Before any project to beautify, you have to fix the bones of the piece first. No exception to the rule. So get down to business and do what it takes first. I took out the broken wires and put new wire in its place. There was about three or four wires broken.

Finished! (Wipe sweat)

I’m happy with the results. I have a new rocker!

Finishing up the seat

I used to staple gun to staple the new padding and microfiber bunny suit under the chair.

Faux cowhide material

I chose a faux cowhide material to cover the seat and the back of the rocker. It was a good choice from my point of view!😁

The back

I had a thin piece of crafters wood in my shop. I cut it to size and wrapped it first with quilt batting and then the faux cow hide material. I made sure the seam was at the bottom of the board so it wouldn’t show when I tacked it to the chair. The tacks on top are just for show. They have no other purpose other than to look pretty.😻

Side view

It’s not totally perfect but I like it!

The wood was dying for a drink

I decided to treat the wood instead of putting polyurethane or a stain on it. So I put wood oil all over the chair. I could just hear it thanking me. Look at the difference a little drink of oil did for this chair!!


The original padding and leather cover were not savable at all. Fortunately, the springs were in pretty good condition.

Suggested materials:
  • Free insulation padding.   (Seafood gift (it was around the seafood))
  • O.R. microfiber disposal suit   (Basically trash)
  • Cowhide material   (Hobby lobby)
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