Rusty to Rad Retro Glider

by Simplifinding
5 Materials
2 Days

Grandpa Arthur's glider where we awaited Cosmo the ice cream man to come to our street in Levatown Long Island. I would visit his house as a child from Massachusetts every summer for a few weeks. He was the most magical man and I have clung to his glider until now to be able to refinish it, moving it from Mass. to Az. in 1989. It was in such disrepair and rusted through in many areas. My daughter's boyfriend is a welder, and he was able to patch some areas for me. I can now carry on Grandpa's legacy with our four grandchildren, on my updated funky glider.

You can see how sad she was, but the bones were still there and I was up for the challenge.

In case you are wondering about the colors I chose for this project, due to the supply chain issues, these were the only options. You work with what you've got!icon I found light teal, dark teal, coral, and green.

I used Paint with Primer to spray the base coat and completely allowed it to dry, because I will be taping areas to layer different colors.

Yes, those are dog training pads. Again, you work with what you've got! I found that they were heavier than the plastic drop cloth material, and I can re-use them. They absorb a ton of liquid as you can imagine, so I get less runoff when over-spraying. That is blue painter's tape leaving the basketweave exposed for my dark teal coat.

I sprayed the accent dark teal to accentuate the basket weave.

After removing the tape, then allowed to dry overnight.

After painting the arms and middle stipe white, and allowing it to completely dry, I taped quarter-inch lines for my next accent color.

Coral next, allowed to dry, and repeated taping off areas to leave the next exposed to paint. Very important for each layer to dry before painting the next.

The finished striping effect. Allowing each color to dry is somewhat time-consuming, but totally worth it.

I hand-painted any areas which may have overspray, my trick is to use a tuna can, spray some paint into the can to get a little puddle to work from, use a small craft paintbrush, and hand paint any areas you'd like to fix. When finished, let the brush and the can dry and then dispose of them.

Next, I painted a little wire side table in the coral color to complete the look. It was an old black metal table we had for years.

Two quick coats on the underside...

Two Light coats of spray paint on the top, side, and legs.

My Glider with a flea market chair I love. They make a quirky pair!

Olivia the Chihuahua approves and has taken ownership of my glider now. I love the 50's surfer-style funky look for my pool patio!

Suggested materials:
  • Rust-oleum/ 6 cans   (Home Depot)
  • Masking Tape   (Home Depot)
  • Plastic Drop Cloth   (Home Depot)
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