Scarves Over my Bed Headboard for an Optical Illusion in Sizing

Leida R
by Leida R
When we bought our bedroom set, we bought the headboard and mattresses in a QUEEN SIZE. Many, many years later we decided to change our mattresses to a KING SIZE. Me in love (still) with my headboard, and not being financially able to change it, I decided to work with what I had using scarves. This is what I did with the scarves in order to conceal the extra inches of the mattresses from the left and right sides of the HB. What do you think about the idea?
Picture showing how the scarves are entertaining/distracting the eyes in order for one not to notice the two different widths between the headboard and the mattress. If one looks closely, one could very well see the big difference in both of the widths
Possibly a better picture for viewing the work of the scarves.
The scarves on a slight angle for another view.
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  • Zinzani Zinzani on Jul 31, 2015
    Very clever! Love it!

  • Clbensch Clbensch on Aug 10, 2015
    Cleaver idea and you can't even tell. I am going to use that in my guest room because I have a 160 yr old antique, double bed and want to put a queen size mattress on it.

    • Leida R Leida R on Aug 17, 2015
      @Clbensch, WOW!!! 160 years old?!! What a piece to have. Love it. BTW, I'm glad this idea can help you. Thanks for the comment and post a pic or 2 when you do it. I will love to see it. :)