Super Easy Secret to Building the Perfect Bunk Bed Tent

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Does your child love to build bunk bed tents or forts? This simple trick will help them do just that, without driving you crazy and stealing all your sheets!
You'll need: 12 Command fridge clips (2 packages), a twin flat sheet (more if you have an opening at the head or foot of the bed as in the picture above), some lightweight rope or heavy string (I used 4-ply jute).
This is what my daughter's bunk bed fort looked like before. It was making me crazy because it looked like a giant sheet-monster, and we had no spare sheets left in our linen closet.
First, pick up a couple packages of Command Fridge Clips at your local hobby store. They're meant for clipping papers and pictures to your fridge, but they're perfect for this job.
I love command clips because they're easily removable, so I don't mind putting them on my furniture.
Follow the directions on the package to hang the clips UPSIDE DOWN at about 12-18 inch intervals around the edge of the top bunk's frame. The loop needs to be at the top, with the opening pointing down.
Cut the rope a few inches longer than the length of the bed frame. Fold your sheet in half lengthwise and run the rope along the inside edge of the fold. Tie a knot in each end.
Starting at one end of the bed, slide the folded edge of the sheet and rope up into the command clip. The knot should be sticking out the corner end of the clip. This will keep the sheet from slipping out of the clip sideways.
Slide the sheet into all the other clips along the bed frame. The rope keeps the sheet from sliding back out of the clips. You'll have a little left over at the end. I just tucked that into the end of the bed. If you have an opening at the front end of the bed, you'll need to repeat the process there. You may be able to use a king sized pillowcase if you have one.
My daughter has a little clip-on lamp attached to her bedframe so she can read in her cozy bunk bed fort. She's happy as a little clam, and I'm happy that her room looks neat and tidy again, at least for the moment!
Meredith Wouters
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Gawai Insko Gawai Insko on May 11, 2017
    I want to apply the same concept to clip a tapestry to my camper van. I want to give it a hippy/bohemian vibe but don't want to drill holes or use glue. If I put one side of the clip into the headliner (the inside roof of my van), and the tapestry into the clip, do you think it would hold?

  • Krystal Gross Krystal Gross on Apr 03, 2019

    Great idea! I have twin girls and they do not let each other on their beds... "you are going to make it messy" "your feet stink" endless arguments. So how would you go about also turning the top into a tent, and can you think of a way that you could maybe slide the sheet, for when they aren't playing with their tent...

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  • Carey Carey on Nov 14, 2016
    What a great idea! My grandkids are grown now, but when the oldest was about 5 I let him use blankets and sheets with chairs in the living room to make his fort. He was super excited and was trying to get it just right. Jumping from one chair to another, he fell and broke his arm, much to my horror!!! He wanted me to leave his fort till he got back! This is so much better an idea and could be modified for a lot of different situations! Great idea! My kids would have loved this too!

  • Gail Gail on May 28, 2017
    Oh way too cool! I love it. Creating memories, many hours of imagination and fun.