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I am posting this project after the fact - so don't have a series of photos to show you the progress as I went along, sorry! However, I have seen many door headboards and this is the first I have seen with the doors placed vertically and layered over each other, so I thought it was worth sharing!

My bed is a Cal King, and I used three doors to get the width that I needed. My mom and dad gifted them to me, so this project cost me $0. You can find these vintage doors on Facebook Marketplace or at yard sales quite often, if you want to make something similar. The middle door appears to be slightly taller than the other two, only because I have it setting on top of a 2x4 piece of wood. I liked the look of the middle section being taller.

Just know that these old doors didn't have quite as much character as they do now. I took my palm sander to them and really made the edges look a lot more worn away than they were (you can order a test for lead paint online, if you are worried about sanding old paint). Distressing them also helped other paint colors to show through, which I love!

I still haven't attached the doors to the wall. My bed frame is very heavy, and just pushing it up against the doors have held them in place just fine for the past year. I did, however, decide to add two pipe sconces that I ordered off Etsy. We've actually made our own pipe light fixtures, but it isn't as easy as it looks, and you can find some very affordable versions online. To spruce them up a bit, I added some old chair springs for "shades". I also tied some bits of vintage lace on them. They have a very low wattage edison bulb - just enough for a little reading light at night. I like to add different things to the middle door sometimes - this was my fall look:

This was my holiday look:

And I think I did this one for winter/Valentines Day:

I hope that you got some fun ideas from reading this post! If you ever make your own door headboard, I would love to see it! Please do follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook @jagcagdesign -- I share photos almost daily of my nesting adventures. :) Xo, Jamey

Suggested materials:
  • Three Vintage Doors   (gift)
  • Palm Sander   (hardware store)
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