Why You Should Use a Chalk Paint Brush

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This is how I re-painted this antique dresser using a chalk paint brush. When using chalk paint I will never go back to any other brush. The chalk paint brush saved me so much time, leaving me with a professional look. It left no streaks and applied the paint very evenly. I can’t give all the credit to the brush though, I think that pairing it with a quality paint makes all the difference! Boss paint is the best paint I’ve ever worked with.

I had been looking for a good dark green paint for a while and I finally found something I loved!

I found this dresser on Facebook marketplace for $40. I removed the knobs and sanded it down lightly with 220 grit sandpaper just to remove the gloss. As I was sanding I started to notice a red residue/stain that was commonly used on antique pieces for some reason. I rest assured that it would not bleed through my paint because I bought dixie bell boss paint.

Boss paint has no bleed through, some of them can cover odors, and it goes on smooth as butter. I recommend this paint 100%!

To apply the paint I simply dipped the tip of my chalk paint brush in the paint jar and started brushing it on. My rookie mistake was that I did not shake and rake my brush before using it so a couple bristles came out onto the dresser. However, the brush did its job well. The paint brushed on evenly, easily, and without streaks. The first layer almost completely covered it. I applied one last coat for the richness of the color. Make sure to clean your chalk paint brush with warm water and sometimes you may need to use soap. If taken care of these brushes can last a very long while.

After the paint dried I applied a coat of clear matte polyurethane to protect the paint from scratches.

I purchased the handles from amazon. I bought the 10 pack because I needed 6 handles. If you only need 4 or 5 you can purchase smaller package. I get almost all my hardware from amazon. They have a big variety and are budget friendly. The handles were pretty easy to attach. I did have to drill new holes. How I did that was by measuring a few inches from the outside of the drawer and placed my handle on the drawer. Then I drew half circles around where I wanted the screws to land. I drilled the holes and screwed in the handles and walla!

Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint brush   (Lowes)
  • Boss paint (turnip green)   (Boss paint website)
  • Dresser   (Facebook marketplace)
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  • Mo Michaels Mo Michaels on Aug 13, 2021

    Do you apply the paint the same way as when using a regular paint brush? In horizontal strokes? I want to use chalk paint on a little wooden table, and someone told me if I use a chalk brush I should paint in circles with it? I was just going to use it like a regular paint brush. Is there a certain way to use a chalk brush? I’m also glad to hear about the chalk paint - I wanted to find a good paint. As you can tell, I’m a rookie at this!

  • Butters Butters on Aug 16, 2021

    I’ve never heard of Dixie Belle boss paint. Is that a color or what? Dixie Belle is a chalk paint. Never have I heard that they make boss paint. What exactly is boss paint? A color?

  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 19, 2021

    Has anyone painted there kitchen cabinets with chalk paint and if so is there any pictures to show? Thank you.

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  • Marlene Dufresne Marlene Dufresne on Sep 03, 2021

    You have revived my sleeping DIY soul with this beautiful project. Many many years ago I tried my hand at decorating a terra cotta plant pot with clay leaves and little grapes and loved the result, but enjoyed the process more. Could I just mention something in passing? The last word on your comments is "walla", which is an Americanism for the French word"voila" meaning "here it is".Not that I'm the language police or anything even close,but being from Quebec it's sort of second nature to assume everyone is interested in my little speil.