Wow Who Would Do This to a Beautiful Piece of Furniture ?

Franny Monaghan Lathe
by Franny Monaghan Lathe
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Ok I am guilty of painting a few lost causes when it comes to furniture . But I could tell this poor girl was sacrificed to someone that had good intentions but it was so ugly Goodwill sold it for $19.99 . So you know me it had to be fixed.

Not sure what they were going for it had yellow undertones with faux wood grain paint . The hard ware was not cleaned or anything.

The top was a mess , note the goodwill sticker . $19.99

This little slide out shelf is what gave it away that it was a really pretty piece under all that paint. The underside was not touched.

After I stripped it I decided to do a two tone stain. I stained the sides and the front edges in a True black stain. I used steel wool to bring out the grain.

I soaked the hardware in a vinegar bath and then just scrubbed off the old dirt and polished with my Dremel.

This is the top of the little beauty . The wood grain in it's natural state was amazing . No Faux painter could reimagine it.

And here she is with a nice pretty clean face . I used a red stain on the top and the drawer fronts . I used a had rubbed poly urethane in satin to finish her up .It's now tucked in beside my bed .

Suggested materials:
  • Goff off stripper   (Lowes)
  • Stain   (had on hand)
  • Hand rubbed poly urethane   (Lowes)
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  • Ann pauley Ann pauley on Dec 06, 2018

    I have some damaged spots on my cherry

    wood dining table. I mistakenly used gel

    toothpaste and it ruined the finish.

    woukd your technique restore my dining room table top ?

  • Rocker chick Rocker chick on Dec 08, 2018

    Wow! Gorgeous piece! Is that Mahogany? I would have done the same as you & removed the hideous paint. I’ve been experimenting with stain on various types of wood including scrap pieces just to see how the wood responds to it.

    its been a fun yet interesting process. Again, it is a beautiful find & job you did on it.

  • Glenda Topping Glenda Topping on Dec 22, 2018

    Beautiful job! I love the pull out shelf. Is it a small secretary?

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