Bedroom Wall

by Hallc46
2 Materials
5 Hours
I did a whole bedroom wall and loved it. I used a 10x12x1 light weight board To draw my lines.
Wanted Murphy Beds but they have to be secured to the studs of wall so I did not want real shiplap
I did not take pictures as I did the lines but I think you can see them. I held the 12x10 board horizontal from the floor first. I drew my line all the way across the top and length of board
I moved my board up placing the bottom on the edge I just drew. Be sure and
keep a level handy. You don't want uneven lines. My husband held one end and I held the other. Yo can just secure with a nail as you move your board up but I did not want marks that I would need to repair.
Once my horizontal lines were complete I simply flipped my board vertical and drew a line on every other line. That was easy as my board went from ceiling of room to floor.
Cleaned and touched up the line
Almost done

Easy easy
Suggested materials:
  • One 10x 12x1 in board   (Lowes)
  • Carpenter pencil   (Already had)
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