How to Make a Crib Canopy Out of Tulle

20 Minutes
Making a crib canopy out of tulle is very simple, inexpensive, and quick.
Here is the finished Crib Canopy. It took me about 20 minutes from start to finish and only cost me $12.00!
First, gather an embroidery hoop (mine was 8″ in diameter) and can be found here.

Next, buy the tulle. I bought 54″ x 12 yards of it. I bought 12 yards to create a double layer. If you want to have a darker color than I had I recommend layering it more than just twice. Here is a great deal on a bolt of 54 inches x 40 yards of tulle.

Then get fishing line or clear strong string, a needle with a big enough eyelet for the fishing line or string, and two ceiling hooks.
After you have the supplies begin by tightening the embroidery hoop as tight as it will go. Then, wind the fishing line around it. I was going wind it around in all directions to strengthen it, but after winding it around from top to bottom about 10 or so times and from side to side about 10 or so times, it was strong enough to hold the material well so I left it at that.
Tie the fishing line well and cut it. Next, fold the tulle in half or in fourths (depending on how many layers you want) and experiment with how much material you want gathered around the front of the hoop. I did this by draping the material over the hoop 1/2 on one side and 1/2 on the other and then bunching a bit of the fabric on the front half of the hoop. Then I held it over the crib.

To make it easier you may want to ask a family member or a friend to hold it so you can see what it looks like before sewing the tulle on the hoop.

I then used fishing line and sewed the fabric onto the front section of the embroidery hoop. I choose to only bunch a little of it onto the front so the majority of it hung to the sides and the back.
I started sewing in the middle and sewed from the top down to one side of the hoop about 1/4th of the hoop. Then I sewed from the top down to the other side of the hoop which was another 1/4th of the hoop. I cut the line and tied it tightly to the hoop and fishing line that was already strung around the hoop to strengthen it.

See in this photo how half of the hoop has sewn tulle around it and the other half does not? The sewn section hang to the front of the crib.

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