How to Save Money on a Baby’s Nursery

The average nursery costs between $2,000-$5,000 (this info is pulled from multiple resources on the web). I was able to set our nurseries up without use of hand-me-downs for under $500.00!
Now that I’m pregnant again we are going to be turning our office into nursery #2. Update… nursery #2 was a challenge but I enjoyed it and it came in under $500 as well… See Nursery #2 here.
Many have asked me how I was able to set up my nursery for my first child for under $500. Here’s how I did it and some other ideas of what I will do for this next nursery I am creating. For the list on 17 ways to save (if you aren’t interested in the specifics of what I did), please scroll down.
First, I choose a color scheme and theme. I like to go with a 4-5 color color palette when I decorate. I like 3 main colors with one of them being off white, white, or light grey and a 4th accent color to add a pop of interest. Knowing your plan from the get go will help you avoid buying items that will not work/match. If you need any help choosing a color scheme this post may help!
I know that the eclectic-vintage style is in right now so if that is your nursery style just make sure to buy items that will work together (keep photos or samples on you so you can double check before purchasing).
With this nursery I chose a blue, brown, white and used orange as my accent color. As I was browsing online at all the fabulous nursery sets out there I found one that caught my eye. It was a blue, brown, and white argyle.

I did love the crib set but it was too matchy-matchy as most full nursery sets are (especially if you buy all the extras). So I bought only the items that I knew I would use. I bought curtains (and got an extra set for fabric), the rug, changing pad cover, crib mobile, and decals because those were the items I was really wanting. This was much cheaper than buying an actual set and all the extras…totaling $95.00.

With the help of my mother we created more contrast and interest by making our own blanket, crib skirt, mobile, and bumper pad cover (please don’t worry, the bumper pad was for when my son was older and could roll over, stand up, etc.). We found the material at Michaels. We bought a little bit of each of the 5 complimentary fabrics we found.

We made sure to use the coupons we could and broke up the transaction up in two (for her and I). This saved us over $35.00! The fabric plus batting etc. for the quilt, crib skirt, mobile, and bumper pad ended up being about $60.00.

Next, I began garage selling for items. I found the crib, brand spankin’ new still in the box for $60 instead of $249. I don’t know why the couple didn’t just return it to the store but I am glad they didn’t. Had I not found this new crib I would have bought a used one off of the classifieds or at a different garage sale.
I got the crib mattress for $10 (garage sale) and bought this very important SIDS protecting cover for it for $40.00 (please check this anti-SIDS mattress cover out! This is another brand available on Amazon).
The bookcase I found on the online classifieds for $5.00. I also found the little mini chair for $4.00 at a garage sale and reupholstered it for an additional $30.00.
And all of the books I received either as baby shower gifts (which I put on my registry) or I got at thrift stores for .50 or less totaling $10.00. Registry’s are great places to put items that are needed for the nursery. I had a registry at Walmart and mainly because they had the best return policies and they have the best prices.

The Peter Rabbit set was given to me. I bought the vintage style boat for $7.00. The perfect “I am a Child of God” argyle frame believe-it-or-not was found at a garage sale for $4.00.

And those vintage shoes belong to my husband. It was his only pair of shoes as a toddler and he wore through the toes. They mean a lot to him as his at-the-time-single-mom worked hard and saved up for them. We have lovingly placed them here in the nursery.

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