6 Secrets for Closet Organization (Tips & Tricks!)

How are your January organizing goals coming along? I'd like to share a few great tips and tricks we used to get our closet clean, neat and sorted out in about an hour. After clearing out a bag of trash and three bags of clothes and shoes to donate, the space feels fresh and almost empty – perfect for filling up with clothes we’ll use and love instead of garments we don’t like or wear!
Can this really be done in about an hour? YES!
Tip #1: TOUCH EVERYTHING. There's no getting around this one. It's the only way to get rid of clothing we can no longer wear and make room for carefully selected new clothing that we love.
Tip #2: THRIFTY SCARF ORGANIZING TRICK. I came up with this idea because I didn’t want to spend $15 on a scarf organizer. I used a 6-pack soda holder and hung it on a hanger. Then, I added my scarves! Easy, neat, and free.
Tip #3: HOW TO KEEP YOUR BOOTS FROM FOLDING OVER. This easy trick makes boots looks incredibly neat and extends their life. Simply roll up a magazine and stick it inside your boot.
TIP #4: TURN THE HANGERS THE WRONG WAY. At the beginning of the season, turn hangers the wrong way and after you wear something hang it back up the RIGHT way. You can tell in a glance what you’ve worn and what you haven't.
Tip #5: UPGRADE YOUR HANGERS. Each time I’m at HomeGoods or a similar store I buy a package of ‘higher end’ hangers. Upgrading your hangers to the velvet style, wooden hangers, or even nicer plastic extends the life of your clothing.
TIP #6: HAVE A COLLECTION SPOT FOR LOST SOCKS. Every time I find a lone sock, I’ll toss it in a specific bin in our closet. Every few weeks I’ll match them up, and it makes this process a breeze!
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  • V Valencia V Valencia on Jan 15, 2014
    Great idea about the hangers. I use empty plastic water bottles to keep my boots upright.

  • Gilmer Gal Gilmer Gal on Jan 27, 2015
    I use my mom's tip of stuffing egg cartons in the boots. Lots of good tips here. Just need somebody to tell me (truthfully) if the outfits I have even look good on me or should I donate (or cut into rags)! LOL