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I share my closet tour along with tips and what I use to organize my closet. The storage I use is affordable and easy to find! My tip for your closet is to find affordable storage solutions that fit your wardrobe needs and something that is flexible with your changing style.

Start by de-cluttering your closet and purging what you don't need/wear anymore. Separate into KEEP - DONATE - TRASH areas.

Divide items into categories

  • Clothes (hang/fold)
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (ex. handbags, hats, socks)
  • In-season accessories
  • Out-of-season accessories

Now that everything is separated into category, time to organize them back into your closet!

Clothes Organization Tips

  • Hang your clothing on non-slip low profile hangers to save space and prevent clothing from falling off
  • Organize items by sleeve-length and color

(How you choose to organizing it is up to you, I just find this more aesthetically pleasing and easy to find what I need!)

  • Organize folded items into cubbies! Add labels if necessary
  • Re-fold items neatly and uniformly to easily fit into cubes

How I organized my bins for example:

  • 3 TOP BINS: camisoles, tanks, outerwear
  • 3 BOTTOM BINS: shorts, pajama bottoms, denim pants

Organize folded items into cubbies! Add labels if necessary.

How I organized my bins for example:

3 TOP BINS: camisoles, tanks, outerwear

3 BOTTOM BINS: shorts, pajama bottoms, denim pants

Organizing seasonal accessories in bins.

Keep them accessible and stacked neatly!

I store them on the shelf above my hanging clothing.

Pictured: in-season clothing

Pictured: non-seasonal clothing

Store other seasonal accessories in a hanging storage unit. You can easily find these in the closet section.

Pictured: Seasonal hats, boots and handbags

Organize frequently used shoes in a hanging storage unit.

Stack boxes neatly at the top of closet for easy storage and visibility.

Enjoy your new and organized closet! Repeat for each upcoming season :)

See full details and demonstration in the video!

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Suggested materials:
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  • Cube Storage Unit   (
  • Fabric Storage Bins   (
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  • Arn15683166 Arn15683166 on Jul 11, 2017
    I live in South India where can i buy cubbies? please tell me where they are sold. Thank you

  • DiAnn Bowers Walker DiAnn Bowers Walker on Jul 14, 2017
    I have a lot of clothes but a small closet! I've tried hanging them on the hangers that put several on a hanger, I've even given away clothing that I didn't wear anymore, but my closet is still full. What do I do now? I haven bought anything new in a year because there is no more room in this closet! Help!

  • Her26229661 Her26229661 on Aug 28, 2017
    Where did you buy your units?

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  • J.b. kelly J.b. kelly on Jul 29, 2017
    I share with my husband .closet is 8 ft wide . I chose a Rubbermaid system, after many hours of deliberations. It has been a success ,space has more than doubeled.I love it , I made my own cubbies for shoes and seasonal wear,and make make a point of keeping it tidy ,not as easyas it sounds.