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I have been drooling over the laundry basket dresser/organizers I have seen on other blogs and websites. Unfortunately, even though my master bedroom is a decent size, we do not have a ton of wall space due to all the doors in our bedroom (2 closet doors, patio slider, bathroom door, and door to hallway). We really only have one full wall of space, with some smaller wall spaces in between the doors. As a result, I didn’t have room for one of these laundry dressers so I just watched with envy as others posted theirs online. 🙁 But then, inspiration struck! Yay! Love when that happens!
Our TV and components have been hanging on the wall in our master bedroom and I have hated how it looked since we moved in. The wires were clumped together along the wall and it just looked messy and unorganized. In addition, we had a laundry sorter that I had purchased off Amazon on the wall next to my closet, but it blocked a portion of the entryway to my closet, which I also greatly disliked. Here’s a pic of the before:
Before picture
I had been thinking that I should build an entertainment center for our master bedroom to make the TV area look much nicer and that was when the inspiration struck to build an entertainment center and have the bottom portion be the laundry sorter/organizer that I had been wanting. Two great functions in one pretty unit! Yay! So, for those of you with limited wall space in your bedroom, here are the plans to build this baby! (Note, the much abbreviated plans are posted here, please see my blog at the link at the bottom for full, detailed instructions)


1 1/2 sheets of 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood

2 - 4x8 sheets Beadboard backing

11 - 2″ x 2″ @ 8′

4 - 1″ x 12″ @ 6′

1 - 2″ x 6″ @ 6′

2 - 1″ x 2″ @ 6′

6 - 2″ x 4″ @ 8′

110″ of crown molding

32″ of small trim boards

Various tools and supplies are needed as well, see blog post for full list of supplies and for a full cut list.

First, using a circular saw (or table saw), cut all the required 3/4″ plywood boards to size. I used my circular saw with my Kreg Rip Cut to ensure the cuts were straight and the right size.
Cut the 2x2 boards to create the front and back legs for the right and left sides and using pocket holes and screws, attach the plywood sides to the front and back legs. Then attach the right and left sides together by attaching the plywood bottom shelf using pocket hole screws.
Bottom right and left sides with shelf
Add the middle shelf using the same method as the bottom shelf and then add 2x2 support boards to each section.
Next, build the top section, which will form the TV stand portion of the unit. Attach the side plywood boards and 2x2 boards, as well as the top cover board, to the bottom unit.
Next, using 2x4s, build the shelf for the top of the laundry sorter section of the unit and attach. Also build the TV shelf and attach to the unit:
Add the divider boards, the bead board backing, and all trim boards to complete the unit.

Sand, paint, and add polycrylic finish. Add your laundry baskets and TV components and you now have a beautiful piece of furniture that combines needed uses and maximizes wall space! Here are some more pics!
Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (Home Depot)
  • Kreg Jig   (Amazon)
  • Pocket hole screws   (Home Depot)
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  • S S on Aug 25, 2016
    It is a vast improvement to the wall mount version. But why wouldn't you want your laundry sorting to be in a laundry room instead of your master bedroom?

  • Connie Connie on Nov 20, 2016
    I think it looks so cool how you did it.. always negative ninnys!! Great job!!

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