Earring Holder

by Wendy
8 Materials
30 Minutes
Using Styrofoam, an old scarf, and a dollar store picture frame I created a pretty and glam earring holder. Was fun and quite simple to make!
I found some scrap Styrofoam that was being thrown out, I just needed to cut it to the right size to fit snugly in the picture frame.
Using the x-acto knife, cut the Styrofoam to the right size so that it will fit snugly inside your frame.
Make sure to measure it up to see that it's the right size!
Once you have the right size, pop the Styrofoam into the frame to double check that it sits inside the frame without falling out.
Cut the fabric you are using to be a little larger (in width and height) than the Styrofoam so that you will be able to wrap it around the foam and tuck the edges in the back.
Remove the foam from the frame (temporarily) and lay the piece of fabric on top of your foam. Then pop the frame over it again with the front of the fabric showing through the frame. Your foam and fabric should sit pretty securely in the frame, you don't want it to fall out!
Next, turn the whole thing over and using the hot glue gun, glue the edges of the fabric onto the Styrofoam.
Almost there!
If you'd like, you can choose to paint the frame to the color of your choice. I went for gold.
Ta Dah! Your very own shabby chic earring holder. (The earrings stay put by pushing the backs of them into the foam)
Suggested materials:
  • Picture frame   (dollar store)
  • Old scarf
  • Styrofoam board   (recycled)
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  • Stolzy Stolzy on Apr 15, 2021

    What happens to the backs of the earrings?

    It's really cute.

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