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I love a good $0 or super low cost DIY and I needed a new solution to store and display my jewelry so I went searching around the house and workshop for things on hand to make one. This project is super simple and very customizable depending on your needs and space. I hope you like it!

This rack is the perfect solution for me because when my jewelry and accessories are stored away out of sight, I tend not to use them. This rack is both pretty and functional so, win win!

My son got a new bunk bed a while back and we didn't use all of the side rail pieces for the bottom. I saved this because I just knew I'd find a use for it! If you don't have anything like this, you can also use a chair or stool back, a crib rail, or even make your own with scrap wood. I started by removing the brackets from it.

Next, I gave the entire thing a good sanding because it had a fairly slick white finish on it. I'll be using this piece as part of our recent master closet revamp and I want to paint it to match our closet colors.

At this point I was trying to decide between painting it our cabinet color (a light purplish grey) or our hardware color (bright gold). I used the same spray paint that I used on our hardware on a small part to see how it would look on the wooden rack before I moved forward with everything.

Next, I raided my hardware stash and found a bunch of these old screw in knobs. These were perfect because the wood is a little thinner than a typical drawer or cabinet so knobs that screw in from the back might not have worked too well. I drilled pilot holes where I wanted to put all of my knobs.

Here's what it looks like so far!

Next, I found a bunch of hooks and eyes I had in the garage.

I drilled pilot holes for these as well. I used several different size drill bits for different size hardware I ended up using. (These will be for hanging earrings!)

Next, I installed several hooks.

Lastly, I sprayed the entire thing with gold spray paint. This gave it a nice clean and cohesive look even though all of my hardware was mismatched to begin with. I thought about all of the hardware placement based on what type of jewelry I had and I still have a ton of space to add more in the future if needed! I hope this inspires you to create something for yourself! Check out my IG for more fun projects and thanks for taking the time to follow along! 💚

Suggested materials:
  • Wooden bed rail
  • Hooks and eyes
  • Gold spray paint   (Amazon)
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  • Arleene McKenna Arleene McKenna on Oct 22, 2021

    I really like your jewelry stand. You covered almost all types of earrings. I see you don’t have any posted earrings spot. Can this be done with your creation?

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    • Gina Gina on Oct 28, 2021

      Why not but a small Mason jar,plastic soap or small container an drill side to rack? Drill them to point they are sideways so they don't get bumped into.

  • Aimee Aimee on Oct 25, 2021

    Love how simple this is! And so useful.