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I’ve always struggled with how to organise my makeup in a way where I can see everything and find exactly what I want to get ready for work. Now Ive figured out the best ways to sort the individual things like eye liners, lipsticks Ive decided to share my hacks and ideas with everyone. I hope your inspired and let me know your thoughts and opinions.


This was how my makeup was before. Chucked in a bag and everything all over the place. I hated it and new I had to figure something out.

I went to IKEA in search of a dressing table but all the dressing tables didn’t have the storage I needed. However I came across these drawers. I brought 2 of them and to make a dressing table I just added a recycled piece of wood to go onto.


I found these storage dividers that worked perfectly in organising my lipsticks so I can see exactly what I’ve got. These are so versatile as you can cut them to how ever size you want and as you can see they fit perfectly in draws.


I use rectangular storage baskets to fit my brushes in. You can get these from almost anywhere. I also use a old hair straighteners box to fit my big blusher brushes in.

Eyeliners and Mascaras

I decided that the best way to organise these was to just put them in a pen pot. This used a minimal amount of space and I’m able to see what I have without searching around.

Eye shadow palettes, blushes and highlighters

I use tension rods to hang up cutlery in my kitchen and I had these spare and I thought I wonder if they would hold my makeup if I fastened them to each side of the draw and they worked perfectly. I love how my makeup looks and how everything is neatly organised. I would really recommend getting some. You can get them for a good price on Amazon.

Hair accessories

I got these magnetic storage tubs from IKEA. I love these as there stackable and the fact that the lids are clear is a bonus so i thought they would be great for holding my hair accessories and also I won’t lose them.

Lip glosses

The best way I could think of arranging my lip glosses was to just simply place them in the draw one after another according to size and keeping the same brands together. When shopping for a draws unit I would always recommend making sure the size of the draws are a good size for what ever there going to hold.


I now have my dream dressing table and makeup all organised. I have loads of storage with these drawers so I’m really with the result. I hope everyone likes my hacks and ideas and let me know what you think.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tension rods   (Amazon)
  • Draw dividers   (eBay)
  • Storage baskets   (Dollar store)
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  • Debi Debi on Sep 24, 2021

    Where did you get the grid?

  • Necia Necia on Sep 23, 2022

    Why do you have so much make-up? This is a really good job of organizing. I do like all the arrangement of things.

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